Immersive Journalism - How Virtual Reality can Impact Journalism and Embody Narratives

Immersive Journalism - How Virtual Reality can Impact Journalism and Embody Narratives

We invite you all to an extraordinary opportunity to meet and hear one of the most visionary virtual reality creators - Nonny De La Peña

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While we digest to the thought of being surrounded of Virtual Reality, the application of the medium grows in multiple directions. One of the most interesting applications happens within journalism and media. Imagine if you were grocery shopping in a local market in Syria and suddenly a bomb goes off and you are witnessing the unfolding chaos in front of you. This is what Immersive Journalism does.


Tid: Tirsdag d. 12. april kl. 17-19.00

Sted: At ISOBAR, Overgaden Neden Vandet 7, 1414 København

Pris: 100 kr. Billetter købes over Billetto.


Head of Emblematic Group, an award winning virtual reality production house, Nonny De La Peña coined the term Immersive Journalism. The fundamental idea of immersive journalism is to enable participants to experience a virtually reconstructed scene of a story, build in 3D animation and experienced in first person. Her work has pushed the boundaries of virtual reality and she has been named the Godmother of virtual reality.

At this after work event you will get a closer look at journalism through virtual reality, discuss the potential of virtual reality, and get insights on Nonny De La Peña’s perspectives on the future of (immersive) journalism.

After the presentation we will have a Q&A session, and you will also have the opportunity to experience Nonny De La Peña’s work.

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Organized by Darshika Karunahara VR Producer and Consultant. Made possible by ISOBAR and MKTG. Supported by Dagbladet Information.

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